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Countertops Offer a Variety of Surfaces
Your countertop is a significant tool in your kitchen, so choosing what materials, styles and colors to use is an important decision. Romans can show you the many choices available and provide their expertise to help you with your decision. We offer granite, quartz, laminates, and ceramic tile countertops.

Granite Countertops
Granite Countertops

This kitchen remodel with granite countertops turned out very nice

Granite Countertops are the top choice for most homeowners. They offer a high-end look that adds to your kitchen's value while providing a durable prep surface. Variation in the granite's pattern is common and, for most people, adds to its appeal but can make matching up slabs tricky. In the Valley, the cost of granite is slightly less than quartz, but natural granite requires a bit more care than manufactured quartz to keep its good looks. Granite requires a regular sealing routine, typically once a year, but Dry-Treat™ sealer with a 15 year warranty is available.

Natural Quartz Countertops
Practically maintenance free, engineered quartz countertops are stain, acid, scratch, heat and impact resistant and, thanks to their non-porous surface, don't need to be sealed like natural stone countertops. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, quartz typically ranks close in popularity to the perennial top choice: granite.

Laminate Countertops
Formica Countertops
Formica 180fx® in Dolce Macchiato
Countertops crafted with Formica® brand laminate consist of a thin layer of plastic glued to particle board or wood. Laminates can simulate many different materials such as wood, stone and marble. Wood, brass and other inserts can be added to the countertop edge to achieve an individualized look. Some of the advantages of laminate countertops are:

  • Inexpensive and fairly durable
  • Available in many patterns and colors
  • Resists staining
  • Easy to clean

Ceramic Tile Countertops
Ceramic Tile combines function with beauty, and is the ideal way to bring art into any environment. Tile is created from simple materials, and has the ability to capture every movement in design, color and form. Tile brings a space to life because it is a personal expression of those who live there. Some of the advantages of ceramic tile are:

  • Extremely Durable
  • Heat and scratch resistant
  • Available in endless combinations of colors, designs, and patterns

Why don't you stop by Romans showroom to see samples and get ideas for your countertops.